Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ice Cream & Tutu's

We celebrated Faith's 2nd birthday last week with our family, can't believe she is 2 already!! Sometimes I wish we could push the pause button in life or at least the slow motion sometimes ( well and there are days when the fast forward isn't fast enough, right?!?!) We went with the ice cream theme and I found some great cake pops on etsy.com that looked like little ice cream cones!! The were so cute and just as yummy!! For little favors for the cousins, we gave a bottle of ice cream bubbles and a $2 gift certificate to Baskin Robbins

as a thank you for coming to the party!!

Yep, you see it right...it is a #4 candle she is blowing out...This is my major fail moment of the night. Last month for Grant's birthday I bought a big box of candles and thought I will save them for Faith's b-day as well. I put them in such a great spot after Grant's birthday, that I couldn't find them to use right before we were going to sing!! All I could find find was a #4 candle,
well it would have to do!!!

All the girl cousins came in their tutu's because Faith was turning two!!!

Posing for a quick picture before they go for a twirl around the park!

It's soooo great to have the park as our front yard!!!

The Birthday girl in all her glory!!! Faith is doing soooo GREAT, she is not on one single medicine and really no side effects from her birth defect. She has been passing her hearing and development test with flying colors. We go to UCSF next week for her 2 year check up, they will do an x-ray and review her case. An hopefully we won't have to go back for another year :) It really does amaze us to look at her and think of all the things that could be wrong, or think of the conversation we had with the Dr's when we first found out about her birth defect....The Dr's said " well she has a 75% chance to survive and if she does the list of problems she could have might be very long, and some people choose to abort these babies!"......It blows my mind, here is a perfect beautiful 2 year old girl, who some would have chose to be done with before they ever gave them a chance.....So blessed to be where we are today with Faith, but I would still be sooo blessed had it turned out another way, why you ask because we and our little FAITH have JESUS!!!

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Brandon said...

So fun to see her so full of life! Great reminder that God is in control and Jesus is the great physician. Praise God that we aren't the kind of people who even consider abortion!!!!